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PhotoMosh-Pro is a fully featured desktop version of PhotoMosh, including new effects, improved UI, high-res video export, modulators, audio-reactive effects and more.



How To Upgrade

How To Use

Effects Panel

The Effects panel is where you dial in your effects. Effects are applied from top to bottom. Drag and drop effects to change the order.

Mask Effects

The 2 mask effects ('Mask' and 'Mask Blocks') only mask out the effect layer directly above. To mask multiple layers, create multiple Mask effects. Use the 'Show Mask' checkbox to view the current mask.

Add Effects

Add new Effects by using the 'ADD EFFECT' panel at bottom of the Effects list. This allows you to stack multiple versions of the same effect.


Presets allow you to save and load favorite Effects combinations.


The settings panel allows you to specify output media settings, general settings and audio settings.


Modulators allow you to modify Effects parameters over time. This is a great way to get more variety into your video loops.

Click the modulator / sine wave button to enable modulator and open the modulator drawer. Modulators are disabled for image output mode.

Modulator time range can be the 'loop time' or the entire export duration based on the 'Loop' checkbox. The loop time is around 4 seconds, based on the export duration.

External Audio Files

PhotoMosh-Pro allows you to load an external audio file (MP3 or WAV) via the Audio Settings panel. This will be merged into the output video and be used by the audio modulators.

Batch Export

Batch export allow you to apply the currently enabled effects to multiple files (images or videos). From Main Menu do 'File' -> 'Batch Export...'. Export settings (e.g. image size) will match the current export settings unless 'Match Input' is selected in the export settings, in which case the source file settings will be used for that value.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts can be viewed from the application main menu. For MacOS use Cmd key, for Windows use Ctrl key. Keyboard shortcuts are:

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Check here for help on common issues.

Version History

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Terms of Use

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Email Support

PhotoMosh-Pro customers are eligible for support via email for up to 2 years after initial purchase. For email support, please email us with a detailed description of the issue and your purchase email address. Email Support