PhotoMosh Help

PhotoMosh lets you glitch images, videos and webCam using WebGL effects. Save output as image, GIF or video.

For more features and effects, check out PhotoMosh-Pro!

How To Use

  1. Choose to load a file or use the WebCam.
  2. Click 'Mosh' button to randomize FX, or use the control panel at right to toggle FX and modify parameters.
  3. Select output format with top-left button. Choose between JPG (still image), animated GIF or WEBM video.
  4. Click 'Save' button to record and download image output.

Output Formats

Output saves with same size & duration as input with the following limits:




Let us know if you have any issues, bugs or feature requests! Send feedback.


PhotoMosh-Pro is now available! PhotoMosh-Pro is a fully featured desktop version of PhotoMosh, including new effects, improved UI, hi-res video export, modulators, audio-reactive effects and more.


Privacy Policy

PhotoMosh respects your privacy. No user images are stored online.

Terms of Use

Images and videos generated with PhotoMosh are free to use anywhere with no restrictions. PhotoMosh app and source code (c) 2021 Airtight Interactive. All rights reserved. PhotoMosh is provided "AS IS". You agree to hold Airtight Interactive harmless for any damages that may occur due to use of PhotoMosh.